Every Union Should Be A Lovely Union

by Bad Rec Project

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Every Union Should Be A Lovely Union é um disco sobre relações, sobre relacionamentos acabados, sobre a relação entre humano e cão, sobre amigos e sobre momentos vividos com pessoas que fazem parte do inconsciente coletivo dos projetos mal gravados. O lo-fi é lindo pois permite que garot@s desajeitad@s eternizem sentimentos e momentos em formato de música.
Every Union Should Be A Lovely Union is an album about relations, about broken relationships, about the relation between a human and a dog, about friends and moments lived with people that are part of the collective unconscious of the bad rec projects. The lo-fi movement is beautiful cause it allows awkward boys and girls to eternize feelings and moments in a music format.


released October 4, 2016

Sons compostos entre 2009 e 2011 e que em 2016 foram externados em voz, violão, latidos, guitarra, baixo, caixa, kazoo, xilofone, lixa de parede, desodorante e até um espremedor de laranja. Gentilmente masterizado por João Casaes e artes colorizadas por Marcos André. Um lançamento Transfusão Noise Records e Transtorninho Records.
Songs composed between 2009 and 2011 and in 2016 registered with vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, barks, bass, snare, kazoo, xylophone, wall sandpaper, deodorant and even an orange squeezer. Kindly masterized by John Casaes and art colorized by Markuzandré. A release by Transfusion Noise Records and Transtorninho Records.



all rights reserved


Bad Rec Project Maceió, Brazil

Lo-fi de quarto, sujo, melodico e bonito.

Transfusão Noise Records

Transtorninho Records

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Track Name: Love Life Report
Once I met a girl that shaked my whole world
Was my first crush but not the greatest of all
One day we decided that we should see the world
So then we split up and soon lost the touch
So I dated some girls and she dated some men
And we couldn’t understand what was the perfect plan
Tried to work it out but trust was not the same
Saw some heavy shit that’s when I decided to quit
Then a girl found me and she made me feel complete
she taught me so much wonderful things that no one else had did
she said she’ll risk this feeling with me, not at first, but then I agreed
and I was starting to feel secure sharing this life with you
Somehow we lost ourselves, our world was just you and me
other people were far, the money was short or maybe just because
This story is from sometime ago but people grow and people change alone
I use to think that I was a man undone and that I could love no one
but then I think with myself that is just a crazy thing to think
cause love is such a wonderful thing and it is always flying around
everyone around…..around…..around you.
Track Name: Bacon & Cheese
You are young and dumb
you are a young and dumb dog
but you’re still running in 4 legs
you went out there crossing the streets
while I was so scared, close my eyes instead of going after you
wow, is that blood or mud? hold my breath feeling death
wheels were spinning like a moving train and you were ok.
Track Name: Art of the Festival
When I saw your art of the festival I became so damn happy
Cause we think that you are brilliant with what you do with your hands
Even Xis barked out loud cause he got scared with the big bear….uu uuu!
Track Name: Special Lists
The little roach climbing up the walls
Where is your coach? He’s not here at all
Dear mother please don’t wanna hear no rumors
Should not sleep at all cause here comes Fred Krueger
on christmas day hearing El Mató songs and feeling so young
Soon comes may, enjoy the parade, your team is around cover with sound
So let’s start drinking cause Gayb is still missing and Coka is gone
Special Lists for everyone.
Track Name: Alien Lanes
Not yet crowded, not yet gone. On a far away land nothing seams to be wrong
Not even love, not even work, not even friends and now on his homeland
Allan is on a strange lane, songs bring such strange feelings in a heavy rain
Seeking to solve the pain and not even remembering his own name.
Track Name: The Great Breakdown
When you start to realize that ain’t no use for being out of the cage, your finest taste
Hurt your pathetic face in the attic and turned a stone out of your home
Tasting like silver, silk, lungs and liver. Hope you start using at least half of your time
Cause there is plenty to see and plenty to be
Planting our seeds/dreams in a priceless need.
And so it comes and there’s no fun being around your favorite sounds
A supersonic, almost ironic day is coming for us to see the great breakdown
We need friends in a bubble or friends in a bottle
just to fill the ashtray, to expect the next day.
Track Name: Makeyrselfhome
Looking up for gold, different path we chose
Grownups have the strangest view, suffering is worthed
Standing on the ceiling, there are you deceiving
So what are you doing there? let’s start another band
Time, you’ve got time to be free, time to move your feet
we’ve still got time, there’s plenty of time to be sweet
Time to sing miseries.
Track Name: Homealone
Sometimes I miss my loneliness, I wish I had an isolated place for me to be alone.