A Pack of Cigarettes for the Midnight Trap

by Bad Rec Project

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released July 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Bad Rec Project Maceió, Brazil

Lo-fi de quarto, sujo, melodico e bonito.

Transfusão Noise Records

Transtorninho Records

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Track Name: Da midnite trap
A pack of cigarettes for the midnight trap
Track Name: That's ok, man
In the beginning it was just a dream
That's what it seams
But one day it became real
And they will have to be on the same deal
They became friends
It became sound
What they expected to be
And one day it was over
I just want to start it over
Thought it was just a bad dream
But they are still friends
And it's still sound
That's how it should be
That's ok man, cause we are the same
Let's play again then
Let's sing along, enjoy the songs
Play the guitar on the beach, go to BH
See a film, smoke a joint
Practice on 2D, or somewhere else.
Track Name: 4 A.M.
I just need someone to sleep at night and calm my body down
Now I just want something to sleep at night and calm my mind down
Track Name: Dream of sharks
Went to a shark fishing
Now you'll have to be a whale hunter
Just want to have some small fish
But you got to learn how to use that weapon
Like teeth reaped from the root
Well, maybe someone will die
Track Name: Deadelephants
Such a great friend, such an old friend, on our way again.
Love chooses its keepers, guardians of the ship passing through time and distance.
So, young boy, what you're doing with those strange sounds?
I know in the end of those years you'll be able to grow a beard.
Now go back to your crazy dreams of dead elephants.
Track Name: Plane crash
Towards the tone, rising slow
Picture has began, hands became one
Talking is enough, eyes watching still
Excuses have lost, forgiveness they're all gone
Realize what you need, love is almost done
Too late and too dumb, no place to run
Bring that atmosphere, hold on on your fears
Cause the time is now, fix it for good.
Bright eyes, I wrote a song
Yesterday I died on a plane crash
And the sun was shining like a bowl of fire
By the night, by this calm time
Where the day has faded and I'm still the same
Can't say it's coming...
And I wake up...
I woke up in the morning it was not so boring
I woke up in the morning, I like you honey
Track Name: Tired of love songs
I know you cannot take cause you can break
And all the people seam to be mistaken about it
Being indisposed like scarecrows
Forging songs about love and stuff like this
But I'm tired about love songs.
All seams to be in the wrong way again and you do something terrible
and again it's crying and sleep and making the same mistakes.
But I'm tired about love songs
Then I do it again
Track Name: Song #100
I know that I'll try and I know that I'll fail
Even bent for a side, question always leaves a trail
So what is really happening? What is the deal?
Should I try one last time? Or should I stay here, still?
Track Name: Light a rocket
I'm still going to take you to a rain bath
Cause it's only you that make me cry
The only one that makes me laugh
and I almost forget, I almost lost you.
And if one day the wind blows away
Our candlelight I'll try to carry with me
Just like a dream, matches in my pocket
To light a rocket…
Just to laugh and cry again
Track Name: True bros
True bros is what I like the most
I wanna be exposed to whatever comes
Two browns I want it now
I wanna be so drunk cause I'm bored out of my head
So come on let's go out let's rock on our funhouse,
let's try to forget our things.
Track Name: Normal
So hard to be someone that knows how to think in a normal way
So hard to do things that makes people happy in a normal way
So hard to understand things and act in a normal way
So hard to be normal in a normal way
Track Name: Traveling alone by bus
Sprinklers, Kane - Pavement, Rain
Packed, Head ached -You on my bed naked
Smoke, Passengers - God and Aliens
Ray of light - Stars like little holes on the sky
Rivers, Hills - Travelling alone skills
Headphones, Trees - Running out of batteries/
1, 2 there goes the truth
3, 4 there's no truth anymore
5, 6 here is a mix of unfinished songs, unfinished thoughts
Mondays, Tuesdays here comes again
Wednesdays, Thursdays here comes my friend
Weekends, beers, cigarettes and dreams
A good rock concert and a night full of friends
I hope you understand...
Track Name: The understanding part
Once I felt it deep, I was confused and sad
But I'm just too lazy to think about it.
Now, that it has been a long time It's easier
It's easier and soft
So it's goodbye even knowing that you're the understanding part of
the unity and we're proud of our relation of open secrets and regrets
Track Name: Stationary
Could you tell me where the brightest road is?
and please don't mess with me again
wish I could get this off my chest
and leave the stories left to rest

I came along and heard you saying
try to keep it only for you
wish I could glue the pieces
but is no glue selling on your stationery

and try to keep it for you...
Track Name: We understand punk rock
He understands me, I understand him
We understand punk rock, we understand love
And when your're alone I'm alone and that's how it is
We like the same movies, we like the same songs
We try to play harder, we try to get along
With the world and it's a strange world
and that's how it is
So come dear friend, come
Bring the booze and just come
We'll save that special song
To the end when we'll be stoned
Track Name: Own mind
Hard to see you on your way now
Hard to say I lost my time
All this things are hard to find
Sometimes I wonder why
Can't describe what those pictures did to me
Try to leave all the pain behind
Don't give a shit for what pop culture did to me
Try to make my own mind
Track Name: Monster trap
Look at all those citizens complaining empty hands
Pointing at the clouds but falling on the ground
Until the monster sink they'll try to have all the sand
Imputing master ships, getting all the seas and land
Until now, they barely reach the ground
Be part of the movement swinging nowhere,
from somewhere in time
Be lost and then you'll be safe.
Track Name: UFOs
We were built on trust
Over the years the road changed several times
But as our shoes were being strep out
Our minds became brighter, our hands became skilled.
And I knew that I had someone
that I always could count on.
Not even the UFO's could bring us down.