The Dirty Smoke Years

by Bad Rec Project

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Master: Paulo Ueno


released March 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Bad Rec Project Maceió, Brazil

Lo-fi de quarto, sujo, melodico e bonito.

Transfusão Noise Records

Transtorninho Records

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Track Name: Old Dam
sober for a week/ thought you were the unique/ been done a lot of bad things for you/ lost and found what you’re looking for/ cause you like to take the risks/ but you gotta put up with shit/ lost and found what you’re looking for/ now you are there again/ do you really want to or do you need?/ how wonderful it would be if things people
Track Name: Your Laugh
I wrote this song just for you to know that your laugh makes me smile/ I’ve been watching you for a while/ Having a drink or dancing on a gig/ Honestly I never thought it could be happened like this on christmas/ Sorry if I left you alone on that show I was working not stones/ If I had a chance to choose I’ll be with you and buy you some booze/ ng not stones/ If I had a chance to choose I’ll be with you and buy you some booze/ And one day I’ll learn how to ride a bike/ I swear I’ll try not to put my feet back on the ground/ Someday you’ll learn how to swim and we will dance on the celebration.
Track Name: Plane Crash v2 (Emilionário Records)
towards the tone, rising slow/ picture has begun, hands became one/ talking is enough, eyes watching still/ excuses have lost, forgiveness they're all gone/ realize what you need, love is almost done/ too late and too dumb, no place to run/ bring that atmosphere, hold on on your fears/ cause the time is now, fix it for good/ bright eyes, i wrote a song/ “yesterday I died on a plane crash and the sun was shining like a bowl of fire”/ by the night, by this calm time/ where the day has faded and i'm still the same/ can't say it's coming/ and i wake up/ i woke up in the morning it was not so boring/ I woke up in the morning, I like you honey.
Track Name: How to (Ride a bike)
I’ve walked a long road without knowing how to/ the things you say you do seems to me that it’s fun and cool/ but now I want some of those things/ please tell me how it feels to ride a bike and be free and visit the ones you love/ prepare me to be wise/ because if there is one thing that I wanna do is to teach my son how to.
Track Name: Traccks (com Bruno Coquinha)
I’m begging you please come back/ you’re so far away and you don’t give a fuck cause we build it in ten years/ Is hard to achieve/ It’s hard to believe that we are one and i’m missing you/ please come back/ besides that I want you to know that I’m going through this world/ and it’s dawn and it’s calm/ carrying on, counting bones/ cracking it from above/ just leave it on the tracks.
Track Name: Ballad of the Awkward Song
Now you’ve come to a safe place/ all that painful old disgrace/ yeah, it’s all working/ over ahead, there you stand/ things you said now are gone/I can’t stand it/ so move along and hear all the sound that i’ve done/ besides just an awkward song/ In the room some chains passing through me/ now your crooked face cannot find a tear/ need a rest for the best/ on your way there’s some holes slowing your steps/ now so far from when it start you can say from your heart that things are better.
Track Name: My Favourite Song
All this bands/ All this fucking bands are so fucking good/ Like i’m not going to be/ All this fucking chords/ All this fucking lyrics are so fucking good/ I wanna listen to them/ Now I feel like i’m not the one/ Now I feel I’m not the one for you/ My favourite song.